Top 3 Podium Contest Official Rules

Official rules for the 2019 Top 3 podium Contest 2019.

How to win: Pick Top 3 in both classes in order and be the first person on the comment sections of our TOP 3 Post to get both podiums right.

Who is eligible: This contest is open to all U.S. residents and there is no purchase necessary.

Product: Viral Brand Goggles will be given away at our discretion. We make no promise to send our Factory series goggles and our Rookie series may be sent. Our TCB Sunglasses will be sent unless we run out of inventory then our Pit Pass will be sent.

Where to Post: You must post on our TOP 3 Post on Saturday, any other picks not on that particular post are not eligible..

Other swag: Could be a number of different items from Tear-Offs to Hoodies and it totally at the discretion of Viral Brand LLC

We wish you the best of luck in 2019!!