Dealer Sponsorship Page

Welcome to the Dealer sponsorship page.

Please fill out the form below and we will get your riders signed up and ready to go. Once you complete the sign up form we will verify your riders, assign them a unique rider number and then send back to both you and your rider their confirmation email along with rider support card.

This sponsorship is through viral brand and is an effort to support our dealers, change the culture of the motorcycle industry and stop taking sales away from the dealers. It will also give us a great ground swell with rider awareness along with the ability for our riders to have tear-offs – lenses and replacement goggles in stock at all times through your dealership.

As a Viral Brand Authorized dealer you have up to 10 riders we can support together. These riders are allowed up to 5 goggles a year at our discount pricing and we will make exceptions on a case by case basis, i.e. Loretta’s or ISDE etc.

Sponsorship Program:

  • Up to 10 riders
  • Two Sponsorship levels 40% or 50% this is up to your discretion
  • Dealer margin 30 to 40 percent margin on sponsored riders
  • These rides discount only works through your dealership
  • Put sponsorship in your control

Sample Rider Card Below:


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