We are currently looking for new Brand Ambassadors to join our existing Brand Ambassadors all across the U.S. Here is what we are looking for in a Brand Ambassador.

  1. Family or Rider that attends event every weekend in their state.
  2. Must have a ability to set up and display product.
  3. Willing to Sponsor other riders to help build the brand and drive riders into dealerships.
  4. Able to attend a few Viral Brand events in your state.
  5. Willing to own the Viral Brand Ambassador position as a key role in helping build Viral Brand.
  6. Be positive role model in the racing community.
  7. Be a Social Influencer: Instagram – Facebook – Tik Tok – Twitter – Snap Chat…

Each State will have the following Brand Ambassadors:

  1. Motocross / AX
  2. Off Road / EX /
  3. MTB

Program Details:

As a VBA (Viral Brand Ambassador) your job it help build our brand and help influence the riders around you. You were chosen because in your area, your ability to help spread the word and build a strong following, possess professionalism along with being a positive role model at your events.

Promote, Promote, Promote.

We have over 200 Dealers across the U.S. in 30 Cities but are growing. We are looking for VBA’s to promote the brand and drive traffic to our website. The concept is to have a person at key events in each state that will display, promote and drive traffic.

Sponsor Other Riders, Events & Goggle Demo Program:

The VBA will have the ability to sponsor riders in one of our two sponsorship levels ELITE 50% off or INT 40% off. This ability to sponsor riders will help with brand awareness along with building the brand in the local area. All sponsored riders will apply through “” website where once approved they can order as well.

Event sponsorship in your area is a key program for us to get riders asking for our brand of goggle at the dealership level and making everyone aware who Viral Brand is. You can sponsor race series with our Viral Bucks program up to $3750.00 of product discounts per event.

Goggle Demo Program is easy. Allow riders to try the goggles out at each event. All they have to do is leave you with a drivers lic and then try the goggle. If they like the goggle direct them to buy with your 30% Off VBA discount and you get commission.

Discount Level

VBA is given a 50% Off discount to purchase samples and items for yourself. This code is not to be used for referral customers. Use your VBA Referral Code to get your commission. ( If you use your VBA number for referrals no commission is paid.)

Viral Brand will Provide at our cost: You will get reimbursed for your purchases when you hit certain referral numbers. (see VBA contract for details)

  1. Banners: at out cost
  2. Easy Up 10×10 Top Only: at our cost
  3. Easy Up Full 10×10: at our cost

Perk for being a Brand Ambassador:

  1. 5% Commission On Orders that come with your discount code.
  2. 60% Discount Off all product for Brand AM & Personal use.
  3. Ability to grow with our brand.
  4. New Products before anyone else.
  5. Earn Free Goggles and Accessories as dealers sign up in your territory

We are excited to offer you this very limited position in our company and looking forward to working side by side this year.

Please List Your State:

Let us know what sport you are applying for
Motocross / AXOffRoad / EXMTB

How many events do you attend per month?
1-22-55 or more

Do you race year round or take the winters off?
All Year3/4 of the YearSpring & FallSummer onlyFall OnlySpring OnlyWinter Only

Do you attend Practice Days?
Yes - Practice Days and Race DaysNo - we only race

Please let us know your practice vs racing schedule.
(How many days do you practice vs race)

How many people attend practice days vs race days

Do you attend Major Event outside the State?

Are you currently Brand Ambassador for any other Brands?
Please list Brands

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