Viral Brand offers premium goggles, accessories, and more for motocross, supercross, off road, and mountain biking available at the official Viral Brand website.

Welcome to Viral Brand

Motocross at its core is about passion, desire, heart and the ability to overcome all obstacles. In 2015 Viral Brand was born, born out of a passion for a sport that has brought the highest highs and the lowest lows. It was started with the same passion, desire it takes to line up every weekend, to compete at the highest level and to rise to the top.

In 2015 Viral Brand was born and like our bold company vision we set out to #goviral. Viral Brand didn’t start with one or two riders it started out with a plan to make waves and take names. We started at the top in the toughest sport know to man, Supercross. 

We have cut our teeth in the world’s toughest sport with the world’s toughest athletes and learned a lot in a very short time. With every success we get stronger, with every failure we get smarter and with every new rider, we get larger.

Viral Brand is not just some goggle company, it’s the next generation, the future, the vision, VIRAL.

MX, SX, MTB or BMX if you have what it takes to strap on your helmet, tighten your boots, start your motorcycle, look down the mountain or line up at the gate then apply today. As Viral Brand grows you can say I was there when it started and I have #goneviral.

As our riders have #goneviral the feed back we get on a day to day basis is that our goggles have the best fit in the industry, along with with the best bang for your buck and we couldn’t be more excited about that.
Head to one of our many dealers across the U.S. – Australia or Mexico to pick up a pair of the Factory series or Rookie Series Goggles and Take the Best Fit Challenge!

Isn’t time you #goviral?